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TMG collaborates on
award-winning Latin America c-store design

Best Low-Cost Remodel, Honorable Mention

Bogota, Columbia
Owner: Organizacíon Terpel
Designer: CBX

It was a collaboration that transcended continents, with the common goal being to create a compelling design that Bogota, Colombia-based Organización Terpel could implement for the next 10 years. Working with New York-based design firm CBX, Terpel was able to create a fresh new look, from its corporate logo to the architecture of its retail locations.

“Our role was to reinforce Terpel’s ongoing commitment to providing quality products and services, but with a new view toward being one of Colombia’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies,” said Joseph Bona, president of branded environments at CBX. “We examined the entire customer journey experience, from the curb to the pump and convenience store, to the car wash and lube bay. Equally important while designing the new ground-up prototype, we also developed a ‘retrofittable’ design approach for adaptation to [its] existing portfolio of facilities.”

CBX’s design and strategy teams worked closely with Ashburn, Va.-based The Murphy Group LLC, which independently consulted Terpel on business strategies. The collaborative result is a modern and low-cost solution to remodel Terpel’s retail network, which includes 1,460 service stations, 28 supply plants and operations in 20 Colombian airports.

The outdoor station upgrades include a reinvented canopy, LED lighting, a pylon and fuel island, as well as a high-tech car wash that can clean a car in 3.5 minutes.

Inside, Terpel is rolling out four convenience store formats – alto, toque, altoque and deuna – each with “impeccable restrooms” and their own amenities. Descriptions for altoque and deuna stores are not yet available, but according to Terpel’s corporate website, alto stores currently offer customers “the best traditional Colombian food, snacks, refreshing beverages and sweets,” as well as Wi-Fi and ATMs. At toque stores, customers will be able to use Skype while touchscreen ordering beverages, snacks and coffee.

Terpel’s new design debuted in January. As of June, the company had remodeled 27 stations. Its first complete site with a new c-store, canopy, lube bay and car wash is expected to open this year