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Roberto Albán
Latin America; Fuels and Biofuels: Planning, Finance, Market Analysis

Roberto is a senior business consultant with extensive project experience focused on strategic planning, market analysis, commercialization of liquid/bio-fuels in Latin America and financial evaluation of investment projects in the downstream sector.

Roberto’s professional experience spans more than 29 years, primarily in Latin America, working as a consultant, as well as an executive position in USA with a major, international oil firm. He has developed market, economic and regulatory studies for a diverse set of clients, mainly in the automotive, marine, aviation and industrial fuels markets. He is also a bio-fuels consultant, supporting both the public and private sectors in the implementation of the fuel ethanol and biodiesel programs. As a member of tmg, Roberto has provided financial, regulatory and market analysis for successful M&A energy downstream acquisitions.

His professional activity has expanded into training in his areas of expertise, mainly in energy programs in universities as well as private training for downstream energy firms. Roberto is a certified instructor with a global training company and has facilitated training sessions for a top U.S.A. oil firm throughout the Americas.

Roberto’s experience includes being a Commercial Director at Ecopetrol, the national oil company in Colombia, where he was responsible for managing domestic sales of liquid fuels, LPG, industrial products and petrochemicals. He also held several management and professional positions with a multinational U.S.A.-based energy company, in planning, finance, marketing, and employee and public relations.

Roberto holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as an MBA from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota.  He speaks Spanish and English fluently. Roberto currently resides with his family in Bogota, Colombia.




"On behalf of Consultoria Colombiana I wish to thank you for your cooperation in the learning and growth trip of our consulting team to the USA; it was very beneficial not only for the team but also for our FlexFuel, Ethanol project, therefore I believe that this experience will bring benefits for Colombia ensuring that the best decision is made by the government. We are happy of having made contact with you, and not only for this project, as we can now interchange ideas and businesses for other projects that are beneficial for both parties."