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Rich Garretson
Network Planning, Economic Analysis, Benchmarking

Rich has a 20+ year track record of being on the forefront of “best practices” in Retail Network Planning, Industry Economic Analysis, Benchmarking, Marketing Planning, and Development of Computer Systems. Projects with top Fortune 100 companies include complete formulation of strategic network plans (investment strategy by market, analysis of potential divestments by site and identification of preferred market areas targeted for new growth). He has also created client-specific market ranking methodology to maximize long-term return on real estate capital employed.

Rich has developed statistical sales forecasting models to predict industry demand by regional area and by site for gasoline and convenience food. He also crafted retail price elasticity models to maximize pricing of company owed and operated retail sites based on local and regional competitive factors. Recently, Rich coordinated and packaged the divestment of a large-scale real estate chain for maximum return on investment. Rich has demonstrated creative consulting expertise and has assisted individuals and small groups with the formulation of their dreams and visions.

He also serves on the Board of a not for profit spiritual educational foundation. Rich holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston.




“Our firm and The Murphy Group have teamed up as true strategic partners in our business development initiatives. We had made a decision to focus on the global convenience sector to grow our penetration of retail kiosk solutions, and sought out TMG to assist us in this process. TMG has helped us to focus on targeted retailer clients, as well as participated in the entire process from initial solicitation to negotiations through to contracting and implementation. Their global experience and knowledge in the fuels and convenience retailing industry has resulted in profitable growth for our firm."