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Mico J. Miller
Global Engineering; Environmental; Terminal Operations, Safety


Mico J. Miller has over 25 years experience in physical infrastructure design and construction management; environment, health & safety (EHS) consultancy; retail facilities design/construction; and international training. He has shared retail petroleum industry best practices in engineering and fuels operations with affiliated business partners in over 60 countries.

His international EHS experience includes audit and inspection, development and implementation of contractor safety management standards, host government negotiations and consultations, and the development of underground petroleum storage system standards.

Mico is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and holds an advanced degree in civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering from George Mason University. He is an adjunct faculty member with the civil engineering department at a state university. Mico currently provides environmental and safety expertise to the facility maintenance department of a major agency of the federal government and safety training to private sector companies.



“Our firm has a long-term relationship with The Murphy Group. They have professionally consulted us on many retail topics including branding, operational improvements, organizational alignment and retail design. They share global best practices and assists our company to stay on the leading edge.”