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John Drummond
Fuels Technology

John Drummond serves as a Senior Consultant for tmg, and is an expert in providing fuels product quality services to the oil industry, petroleum additive suppliers and fuel users.

John has more than 30 years of worldwide experience with a major multi-national oil corporation, with expertise in all aspects of petroleum fuels product technology. These include leadership positions in new product development and formulation (research), manufacturing blending optimization and analytical testing (refinery fuels manufacture), and new product marketing launches (fuel additive-related market promotions). John has highly-developed skills in quality assurance standards and specifications, complex customer quality compliant investigations and remediation, and leadership of oil industry technical groups interfacing with the auto industry and government bodies.

Most recently, John has successfully represented the race fuel suppliers with the Formula 1 FIA authorities to revise the fuel technical regulations and ran a seminar with a fuels additive supplier exploring future potential marketing opportunities.

John holds a bachelor of science and a doctorate in Chemistry from Southampton University, England.



“The Murphy Group LLC provided our company with a strategic assessment of our retail business and key performance indicators, accompanied by training and a detailed roadmap for improved results. TMG also offers excellent value, along with meticulous preparation and continual follow-up.”